Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th, Happy Canada Day plus Sunday Update

Had a jam-packed day today and couldn't come up for air long enough for even a perfunctory Independence Day entry on this blog.

Til now, that is.

Let freedom ring!

Sunday UPDATE: a few of my friends have experienced some "life events" in recent days and you betcha I care about all of them.  I've said this before in an update on a February posting, and I'll say it again: when a person reaches a certain age, and is of a certain generation where dear friends were lost too early in the early days of hallucinogenic drug experimentation (and in one case, being beer-drunk on a motorcycle and in another, beer-drunk in a jeep while daring to do some unwise hill-climbing) one appreciates more fully what people remain.  Among those who were actual orphans, or effectively orphaned, it's appropriate to call them family, bloodlines notwithstanding.  Some people just matter a lot, therefore are the people I care a great deal about, and the only accurate thing to call it is love.

 Amen and a  half to that. If there are people you care deeply about, regardless of whether or not they're related to you, make a point of telling them you love them because tomorrow might take that chance away from you.  You never know, and we may never pass this way again.

As a time traveler, I don't rely on books much, although I find them handy for navigational purposes.  There's a book I'd recommend for fellow time travelers, though, in conjunction with a website I heard about for the first time on Meet The Press.  It is:

Here Is Where

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