Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hectic July thusfar--more visits announced; international news

Got one visit already from AZ and two more maybes:

Ras is passing thru this area again and he's bringing his wife this time.  And there's a musician I've been arguing with since the days of Air America Radio who tells me that Tulsa might be on his tour schedule.  Nope, not Watermelon Slim this time--I've argued with him since well before Air America Radio was even founded--It's Billy Boom & Crazyhearse, of Vermont.

Slim didn't qualify as an out-of-stater until he moved to Mississippi, so he does now...but...gonna have to wait til Labor Day to take another shot at going to Rentiesville OK...IF he's going this year.

We'll see.

For the information of anyone else wanting to drop by for a visit, the rule is to meet at the Hastings bookstore on Owen K. Garriott Rd, Sunset Plaza.  No exceptions unless you're a performer and we can visit at your venue location.


There's some other stuff in the works but am not at liberty to divulge those things at the moment, although if things work out properly, will post a later blog entry in that regard.

I've noticed a lot of blog traffic originating in China lately, and I have to add that yeah, the world's got multiple hot spots yet again, but everything I could say on those subjects has been said, and that includes the topic of Israel vs Gaza.  While I may point out the multiple cases where religion is at the root of legitimizing atrocity, China might gloat over that but has no reason to--without religion, China is still atrocious because people in power get corrupted, religion or not.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the only thing one can say about religion in that regard is that religion is no guarantee of morality or immunity from corruption.  Either way, there's corruption because both government and religion are man's inventions, and man is corruptible.
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