Thursday, July 17, 2014

Today's deplorable events affect personal relations

...first, in the form of one particular Russian that I know frequents this blog. I haven't spoken to you lately, gri, and today's shooting down of a passenger plane near Ukraine will ensure that won't happen in the duration because I'm also familiar with your ideology, which is definitely on the wrong side of events surrounding the separatists.  Ain't gonna happen.  Nothing justifies what happened today.

I'll say the same about Hamas, and the fact that Sisi in Egypt regards them as Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, and I have Egyptian friends who support Morsi, of the Brotherhood.  Sisi is a dictator, but no moreso than Morsi, and the one thing in Sisi's favor is pragmatism regarding Egypt's neighbors.

I'm totally with my Arab friends on the issue of Zionism, and I know that there's no such thing as a religion gene no matter how many people religiously believe that their religion is a "people".  Nope. Semitic Jews are semitic and so are Arabs, but not European Jews, because Judaism is a religion and there's no such thing as religion being genetic.  Nor should genetics matter in matters of state--that's racism.

But this crap about re-establishing a Sunni califate empire is absurd because the original empire of that genre wasn't just Sunni nor just Shiite either. Inshallah, the original fell to Genghis Khan, and inshallah, Genghis fell to Othman--a Turk, not an Arab.  What Abu Bekr al Baghdadi aspires to in his little megalomaniacal mind is not the will of Allah.
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