Monday, June 30, 2014

R.I.P. Dodi Cowan

Word just recently got out via DXLD Yahoo Group that Radio Nederland Wereldomroep's Dodi Cowan, formerly of the His & Hers show, passed away last December.  As former Happy Station host Tom Meijer used to say-better late than never.

Nee Dorothy Kong, married Jerry Cowan and later divorced. Author under the pen name of Ruth Deborah Rey.  And she is missed by many.  She is survived by  her daughter, Samantha Cohen  and grandson  Dylan  Thurel.

This blog is now in mourning on this occasion.

Ramadan mubarak.

Wednesday mini-UPDATE: In other international radio news, July 2 is the 72nd birthday celebration of Radio Havana's Arnie Coro, Junkyard Genius Emeritus.  When Arnie dies, Radio Havana's gonna collapse and fall into the sea, betcha.
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