Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Red Mississippi, Blue Mississippi

...with a footnote for gri...

I've said all along that the political problems we have boils down to having just two parties, both of which feel that it should be entitled to all voters and then repeatedly express astonishment at a relatively low turnout as a usual case.

Splits in parties are such that they don't cause the failure of a major candidate to get elected, but you can't tell it by listening to the blather of either party.  They refuse to consider that the splits got out a vote that would have just stayed home but for the candidate of their preference, that the major parties' candidates simply aren't preferred.

Both parties commit a mathematical error when they look at turnout and figure that all those people would have voted for either party's major candidates if it wasn't for the split, and that's just wrong because if the split wasn't there, you should subtract the turnout by the number of people voting for the "dark horse".

In an open primary such as Mississippi's, the only people voting are voters, so it's not true that "a Republican primary was decided by Democrats".  In a closed primary such as Oklahoma's, turnout is reduced by the number of voters who don't like either party, and the registered members of either party are "watered" down" by those who don't like either party but wish to meddle with the primaries.  For that reason I'm a liberal who is registered as a Republican, and the publication of "Operation Chaos" admits that there are Republicans registered as Democrats.

Face it, party operatives--regardless of how you might wish that reality were otherwise, the duopoly is a major FAIL and  has been for quite some time.  Deal with reality, because reality is dealing with you.

gri, I've noticed your multiple hits on this blog and I'm sure you wonder where I disappeared to.  The ball that was dropped by the City regarding Chautauqua has been caught by me and I'm still quite busy fielding it, so my time has been quite tied up.  There's also another subversive plot going on in this fair city but I'm not at liberty to divulge what it is at this time.  Yeah, as subversives go, you and I are kindred spirits in that regard but I'll say again, in case it wasn't clear the first few times: I do NOT agree with the current insurgency of old Soviets like yourself--sorry.  Not everybody who claims to be "the people" plans to include ALL people while respecting the diversity of those people, and the old Soviets currently involved in the insurgency are still dictatorial.
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