Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank you, Project Gutenberg, for reminding us that today is Oscar Wilde's birthday, and providing a good read from this gentleman, and providing a quote most apt for this year on so many levels...

A quotation (about quotations...): "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." (De Profundis, 1905).
Absolutely...almost.  Not me, though.  I'm not other people--I AM a character.  My opinions are strictly my own, based on no single piece of literature or even a handful of pieces of literature.
Oscar, Hippo birdies, two ewes.
Hippo, birdies, two ewes--
 Hippo, birdie, deer ewe..............
Hippo, birdies, two ewes!

UPDATE:  Thanks again to Project Gutenberg for letting the world know that the first automated library in the U.S. will be in Norman, Oklahoma.  Now what we need in Oklahoma are literate people who'll use it.  Let's trade our space cadets for some.

P. S.

No, I'm not ignoring the clown circus in Washington DC this evening.  It's just that it's not over yet. :D

I've heard Krauthammer say on more than one occasion that historians will never refer to this point in time as the Boehner Administration--it will always be the Obama Administration.  Charles, when you have a Speaker that effs up this bad for this long, there's always a first time.

There's been a conservative circus of sorts in the most recent City Commission meeting, about a bird poop ordinance.  Get this: a change to a nuisance ordinance was proposed to include wild bird droppings, and that was tabled, but not after considering the following points:

1. it was supposed to force both land owners and rental tenants to clean up volumes of grackle droppings which comes in buckets at certain seasonal times, hoping to keep the business area of downtown clean.

2. to address a downtown business problem, this ordinance affects all areas of the city, all renters, all land owners, therefore it imposes an added regulation on business and it's supposed to be a business-friendly city.

3. All those bird droppings are a health hazard, so the idea is to make the city do it. Bottom line--it was thought to be a good idea to expand government, not shrink it, so that businesses wouldn't be further regulated, which renders business dependent on growth of government.  Kinda like the big cities with their pigeon poop?

Cute and a half, huh. lol

Now I hear that the House passed the CR, with Republicans basically 2 to 1 against, and the Speaker keeps his power.  Ummmm....WHAT power?  That was a big gavel that Pelosi handed over to Boehner on his first day, but Pelosi had more power in her little gavel than Boehner has in his big one.  She should have given him a Paul Bunyan sized gavel.

Hey Ratchet-jaw Cruz, I got a little somethin' for ya, via Joe Dolce.

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