Friday, May 20, 2016

Citizens of Enid, I have your Main Street Enid Economic Award right here. Like I said at the Commission.

Pre-Special Session Wednesday UPDATE: Newspaper reports that entry signage is what's up for special discussion, so here's a reminder that, in a previous study session (May 17), the entry signage was part of a larger sign package which replaces the nearly new downtown signs that Main Street Enid got an award on. Brownlee might chant the magic words "conservative" and "efficiency" a bazillion times but it won't change his liberal voting record, nor the wasteful public money spending record of the rest of the Commission including the Mayor.

The one in the background is ACTUALLY in front of Garfield Furniture. The one in the foreground doesn't belong there.

Enid First contracted with a firm in Travers City MI because it couldn't find people smart enough in Enid to come up with this half-vast plot. Brent Kisling claims, in this Study Session, that companies have been attracted to Enid like never before, and to the extent that Eskimo Joe's continues to find Enid not terribly attractive, he's right--Walls found it attractive before, and now doesn't, and neither does Bank of America. Brent Kisling is all kinds of excited about the fact that all the Kisling horses and all the Kisling men couldn't do better than a 6 month revenue losing streak plus one more losing month at this point in time. All of that big-wheel-out-of-state-expert marketing of Enid, and this is all they have to show for it:

 Like Bill Engvall used to say, Brent--"here's your sign".

Yeah, the planet those folks live on clearly isn't this one.

I TOTALLY love those letters to the Editor in the May 21 issue, too!  Check 'em out!!

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