Tuesday, May 03, 2016

All over but the crying--all hail President Clinton the II-Award-winner Enid Main Street UPDATE up top

Hello, all you Enidfolk looking for me making good on something re: me & Brownlee.  It's still in production and it'll be posted on YouTube all in good time. Aloha.
..........aaaaaaaaaaaand here it is:

As for what I mentioned as being the Main Street Enid Economic Viability Award that could be seen downtown for months, I was talking about a number of these on Broadway, near the Merrifield store.  This pic was taken in October 2015.

Right after I posted the above pic today (May 18, 2016) I drove downtown to get farmfresh pictures of the area, and the area hasn't changed with the possible exception of the semi truck carrying mattresses.  Kinda like the much smaller truck that got eaten by the Truck Eating Bridge, as reported by our local rag when it happened.

The pride of award winning Main Street Enid--the entire block where Broadway Tower is with code-violating window signs in each window.

From left to right, there are two signs declaring a restaurant lease; this (above) is the third sign in the series.

Below--what's new is the sapling and the circus poster is gone:

Another award winning location downtown is what used to be the Simpson's store.  Years ago is shifted gears from retail to non-profit museum...kinda like what happened to Burchardt's Furniture store.  It's like Main Street Enid declared war on profit-making.

If you watched the Study Session before the Commission session, then you heard about how the Commission put in an order for new City signs only you probably thought it was just new signs at the edge of town to replace the wooden ones in advanced stages of weathering until the entire grand scheme of signs everywhere got unveiled.  Guess what--the downtown area already got new signs along those lines and we're gonna have to toss in the ashcan the money spent on such signs already.  Money already spent to be tossed down the toilet.

You can see TWO duplicate signs--the one in the foreground AND the one on Garfield Furniture's corner, too, by the lamp post. They look like perfectly good signs to ME, but the City wants to start all over, tossing all of it even if they still have the new shine on them.


Cruz will continue the fight on the behalf of his supporters, rather than relinquish to Trump after the Indiana vote (yes, ye suspended--I heard that--but he also said he was going to continue to fight), and the same can be said of the much stronger Sanders...but...

This is the point where "the donor class" will see a "sure thing" to put their big bucks on, and with Trump trashing Carrier, championing the middle class as Cruz has done, there's now only one candidate who hasn't declared war on the Fortune 500 people, like I said in a previous blog entry.  It's at this point where the marvels of Sanders' fund raising ability is going to be massively outdone by the Fortune 500 folks, with Hillary "out-raising" Sanders.

All Hail President Clinton the Second.

Something else just bit the dust here, too: "the conservative movement", despised by Tea Partiers who already took over the GOP, and still supported by the Our Values organization up against Trump.  Also fallen: Rush Limbaugh. At this point he's provably unpersuasive even among conservatives.

Now consider this:

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