Monday, September 14, 2015

Mini-updated Mini-update, separately, monarch milkweed edition

Saturday mini-Mini-UPDATE: Well, over at Oakwood Mall yesterday, I was read the riot act by somebody who said that I didn't belong in a dying mall but over at Scribner's downtown. The person who launched the screed was in from Oklahoma City to belong to an association in dying mall, so go figure.  Oakwood Mall is currently on City of Enid Death Row, and even Marilyn Fulton's awesome mural in it is condemned to die Death By Wrecking Ball, but Marilyn's still a member who probably would do a whole lot better by abandoning ship to go to Scribner's downtown.  But hey--this is the Internet, these are the Interwebz, and I might as well just start another blog page for my own online art gallery, just like I started a separate page for monarch butterfly monitoring. C'est la vie.

Clara's Online Art Gallery

 And yet again, nailed 'em, ha!  And by this li'l exercise I learned that they're not bots.  They're actually Linux people type people.  All two 14 24 of you.

Nailed you two Linux guys again, didn't I. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!
 I just now had a little fun yanking my Linux trackers around just a few ago.  You guys still don't get it, though, do you--even though I messed with your machines, much to my delight.  There's more fun where that came from, too. :P XD

Yup--pretty much went on a quest to harvest milkweed seeds this past week, and I done hit the jackpot.  Blogging will resume shortly.

While you're waiting, you might as well peruse the page of THIS worthy cause

...and I still see you two Linux guys following me around on my blog. :P
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