Monday, September 21, 2015

56 Linux trackers today and they still don't get the joke.

October 1 UPDATE: I continue to be able to yank 'em around, but they've changed pattern...and so have I.  They  track in pairs, but they limit themselves to 10machines when they realize they've been yanked around.  And so I have changed pattern, and while they're still tracking in pairs, they're upping the number of tracking machines.  You gullible idiots, ha.
.....and immediately after I posted the above, they've limited tracking machines to 42.  The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.  Hey guys--thanks for all the fishy. :P XD


When I see you, I just yank you around.  Thanks for the amusement!  It's been fun.  All 56 of youse.  It's gonna take an army, which is a nice job if you can get it.  You pile on this blog as if you were getting paid for it or something. LOLz.
Number just went up to 63 Linux machines. Cute.
 Nope--113. Never had so many fans of mine show up with Linux machines all at once! I'm flattered!!
Late in the day, the number whittled down to 1 Linux machine operator.  Somebody must have finally gotten the joke.  But we'll see just how long that lasts.  There's one, and one's not zero.  Bossman remains very very interested in tracking this blog at all, huh.  Here's a big wet one for ya, bossman. MMMMWWWWAAAAA!


Yup, it didn't last long. I've got 6 of 'em on my tail as I write this Tuesday update.  Of course I proceeded to yank 'em around, and this brought the number up to 31.  Hi guys!


Blog recheck: 2 Linux machines. After some yanking, rose to  15.  Hello again, ha!

Wednesday body count: 8 Linux, one Unix. Looks like the Linux kids dragged Big Daddy into the mix. Successfully pulled the same ole trick on 'em today, too. Suckers. XD  Linux count just went up to 19, but still just one Unix. Hehehehehe.

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