Friday, June 05, 2015

Sort-of summer hiatus but not exactly; Tomorrowland UPDATE

There have been a number of events occurring in June that conflict with each other and this year, my choices got simpler.  One mission was accomplished, and I can chalk that up as no longer demanding my attention, so now I can spend quality time in Bartlesville OK for OKMozart.  I've got other newer irons in the fire and the old stale stuff is long overdue to get gone.  And nothing intrigues me more than adventures in new directions!  So yeah, I've been doing less blogging and more of cleaning out the cobwebs. Out with the stale old and in with the new--ALLONS-Y!!

Dink's BBQ, I'm on the way!! The Barn in Wichita, it's been too long.

Ahhhh, good ole Bruce.

When you're walking from the parking lot to the front door of Wichita's Center for the Arts, Bruce is the first thing you see long before you get to that door, on the other side of the pedestrian bridge that leads you there.  Bruce is on the parking lot side of the bridge.  When you walk right up to her, that's what the placard says: Bruce.

It's not until you go inside the center that you find out that Bruce is the first name of the sculptor.

You gotta squint to see her there, but she's the shadow straight up the middle of the entry way.
Dug up an old photo taken on a previous excursion to this facility. I was told it was part of a permanent collection, but that was back then.  It's an eyecatcher of a depiction of a "holy roller" event:

Saturday UPDATE: Those who are familiar with my interest in time travel would also be familiar with the fact that I'm a critic, too.  It's with that background that I took in the movie "Tomorrowland" today. And although it managed a handful of noticeable technical SNAFUs, by and large even a critic such as myself would call it a particularly brilliant film at least in the terms of how time actually works in re the future, and in particular, how the future isn't predestined outside of its chains of events, which can be predicted/predictable, and the matter of parallel universes with time differences, suggesting a temporal loop-back in space, and how choices made can generate a terminal pocket universe.  And there's a young lady who, simply put, "knows how things work"--my kinda gal.

I continue to pack for a stay in Bartlesville, so speaking about choices that change the future, my work toward getting that Enid event back on cable is concluded--attending that any further is quite pointless and there are far more pressing matters making demands of my own time than that.  My work on that is done--c'est finis. Those who are familiar with my interests also know that I'm interested in new things to explore, not the same ole same ole rehash.  I'm off to new adventures, thank you very much.  Whether traveling to the past or traveling to the future, my path is always forward.  Theta sigma.
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