Thursday, June 18, 2015

In Right To Work state Oklahoma, a strike apparently closes a coffee shop; bridge eats another truck UPDATE

I'm posting this on the fly right now, and that's the way things appear at this point but the story is certainly subject to fact checking at this point...but...I have a video of a one-person picket at the Great Expectations coffee shop located on N. Van Buren in Enid, where the old Carl's Jr. used to be (gee, Enid can't even keep a Carl's Jr. business--imagine that). Posted on the door of Great Expectations is a notice of a different location.  Did they move, or was the Carl's Jr. location a branch?

What I do  know is that it was open, doing brisk business being located on a main artery, it added a car wash facility to its parking lot, it got picketed June 9, and then shuttered.

I used to go there on occasion when it used to be Carl's Jr, as I was a fan of something unique in its interior: that mural...

Friday UPDATE: activity was observed at this establishment--3 vehicles, doors open, but still dark inside. Couldn't keep the lights on, maybe?  Something that makes me go "hmmmmm".  Monday UPDATE: Saw a small wood-sided trailer full of what looks like came from the innards of the establishment.  The word COFFEE was painted across the front windows, and that's down now.  Has it been sold again?  And whence that lovely mural, I wonder I wonder...
Next Friday UPDATE: it's open again, but as a taqueria, no sign of where the mural went. :(

Saturday UPDATE: I have made the pronouncement that TODAY is THE DAY---I'm making apricot BBQ sauce from scratch, and the inner mad scientist is hereby RELEASED!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Mmmm, smells good, too.  Too bad we haven't invented smellevision yet.  Whereas whiskey improves standard BBQ sauce, I think I'll take a shot at using brandy.  So to speak. Mini-UPDATE: yup, I got some damn awesome apricot BBQ sauce and it looks like the high pectin content of the 'cots really really really thicken the sauce admirably.  And I haven't added brandy yet--and here we go, adding the brandy...and...DAMN that hit it right outta da park, and it's now quite literally awesome sauce!  This recipe is a KEEPER!

Sunday mini-UPDATE: Egypt erupts again, and this time it's women leading the protests. Yet again, journalists are jailed, though. Here we go again.

The Itahadiya Palace protest which Egypt says can't be filmed because the protest has no permit. The issue: free the detainees.

....and then there's THIS.

Meanwhile in Turkey, better developments despite Erdogan's re-election: Parliament losses.  I also note with great interest that Mona Eltahawy is being interviewed this weekend on BookTV's Afterwords program.  Big fan of hers over here.

In this new season of Ramadan, it's well worth mentioning a Libyan Blogger blogger with some GREAT recipes for Eid, for Suhour, and, if you ask me, all year 'round: Laila's Cooking Corner. Laila Arif, specifically.

Monday LOLz UPDATE! You'd think that the City Commission would get wise by now--trucks ain't skeered o no teeth!

Oh here we go, just now put up a clip of Punched Out Judy on YouTube with this as the topic. The episode was submitted for broadcast a little over 24 hours before this happened, and when it happened, I had to laugh my arse off.  Here's the clip I just posted, and note that the above still was added at the end of the clip. ROTFLMAO!!!!

And now for another important message...

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