Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unable to leave a comment? Google Plus' SNAFU

UPDATE--Google has disabled my ability to even select Adult Content, let alone any other G+ settings, so it appears that the linkage between this blog and Google Plus remains permanent.  If you do not have a Google Plus account and still want to comment on a blog entry, please email your comment, with the title of the entry you want to comment on in the Subject line, to and I'll have to post that comment for you, if you request reposting.

 I do have friends who were boycotting Google since G+ was launched, and respect their preference for not having anything of theirs posted on anything Google, so reposting of a comment is dependent on a request for me to do so.

Google sucks.


Up til today I thought that all I had to do was moderate comments in order to get them posted, but since I linked this blog to my Google Plus audience, it has come to pass than only Google Plus account holders are able to post comments.

That audience is primarily Asian, not entirely English-fluent, and so I've decided to try to break that Google Plus tie-in...except I can't find the controls to do so in my admin panel.  The only apparent way to do that is to designate this blog as having adult content, and so I'm going to try to designate this blog that way just to break that linkage.

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