Sunday, August 11, 2013

Good point, Reince Priebus--point of order, re: Hilary.

I don't think Mr. Priebus had a point of order in mind when making his argument for pulling debates from whatever networks may air any documentary on Hillary Clinton.

He makes the error that Clinton is presumed to announce running for president in 2016, and that any documentary on her past record should be viewed as network electioneering.  Mr. Priebus, electioneering is a valid charge AFTER a person has declared to be a candidate, and I think you need to be reintroduced to Ronald Reagan, who promoted the idea to the Soviets that it's bad to quash free speech, that it's a better idea to counter free speech with more free speech.

Your assignment: produce your own documentaries.  Case closed.

Adding a heads-up on something I'm watching on Book TV: Erick Stakelbek presenting his book, "The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy", date stamped 7/25/13 and what a pile of rot the author is making it sound like.

Like Priebus, he's taking a few grains of truth and twisting 'em into a pretzel on which he builds the rest of his case in order to sell a bill of goods.  No sale.
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