Friday, October 02, 2015

Ongoing surprise situation on an Enid First Friday: parking takes a very curious turn into micromanagement

I don't have today's newspaper extensive article on the subject scanned just yet, but I do have a screenshot of a Facebook statement I made and the replies I got from my followup questions in that regard.   When I get the article scanned, I'll post it later.

This thing is still developing, and regardless of what the explanations are, it's what it appears to be that's just as important.

As you can tell by the screenshot, the response was rapidfire up until I asked the next question, after which, in an absence of the usual rapid response, I entered ".....crickets...."....and there's still been no response as of this addendum:

I will now scan the article.
....and while I was scanning the article, this belatedly came in, and so I responded thus: processing the article....

Notice in the following graphic, which appeared on page A3, is recommended by the AARP for personal use, not as a public policy experiment.

When a company pays to control what is the government's area to control, basically paying (via donation) to gain micromanagement "encouragement" control over public policy even as a one-time "experiment"--no self-respecting conservative can be expected to endorse even this level of micromanagement of public policy, with this or with any other "good idea".

Oh--for the record, I don't link to the Enid Eagle anymore because they're too restrictive on non-subscriber access even to articles that are properly due public discussion.  And if the Eagle lawyers are reading this and prepping for a copyright dispute, I urge you to re-read the Fair Use section.  And this constitutes public discussion.

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