Friday, August 14, 2015

Amid the celebration of the U.S. embassy in Cuba, Libyan friends at high risk from ISIS incursion in Sirte

Trade opening up in Cuba makes for a Big Hairy Deal in Oklahoma economics and I would be celebrating that if it weren't for the world focus being on Iran and Syria while turning a blind eye to Libya, which is another case of a dictator deposed, leaving a vacuum for ISIS to fill.  Just as I have friends in Cameroon whose major worry is Boko Haram, I have friends in Libya at immediate risk at the hands of ISIS, so I'm not in a celebratory mood today.

BBC report

International Business Times article
Update from the BBC

Posted on Facebook by a Libyan friend:

Mini UPDATE: This just in via Reuters--Libya asks Arabs to bomb ISIS here

Wednesday UPDATE: a Facebook friend in Sirte posted these pictures of a city turned into a ghost town.  Word is that Benghazi has still been under Daesh fire ever since the US Ambassador was killed and although things aren't this desperate elsewhere in Libya, the cancer nonetheless still grows while the world's attention remains focused on Syria and Iran.  More's the pity.

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