Monday, July 06, 2015

KFOR's talk shows re conservative old guard: Goodbye, cruel world, we're off to join the circus.

Don't anybody hand me any rot about now this NBC affiliate has a liberal track record because they also run the station "Freedom 43", which also runs their Sunday program, Flashpoint.  On the topic of the Ten Commandment monument, Enid readers of the local paper opined that the judicial decision was pure evil while at the same time failing to realize that had the decision been different, it would allow a pure evil monument to also be displayed in the form of what was promoted by Satanists.  The main point made by the Flashpoint discussion was how bringing sacred law down to the level of mere history was a literal profanity and that's why church and state should be kept separate--the devine doesn't become profane.

Interesting, especially given that the law and order people all of a sudden have a problem with the law of the Oklahoma Constitution, trying to hold up what Texas has been doing as if the Texas Constitution applied to Oklahoma.  Guess what, people--it's a TEXAS constitution.

Just as interesting, though, is the huge adamant outcry over same sex marriage by people who now constitute a minority in both major political parties. Right up until the SCOTUS made its decision on that matter, conservatives were congratulating themselves for succeeding in a majority judicial appointments to that court, not to mention a number of district courts, and proper conservative decisions were as good as guaranteed, right? Oops.

Taking suits to the Supremes while thinking that things have to go your way because the court's stacked accomplished the exact opposite of the goal hoped for--instead of getting stuff tossed out, the SCOTUS ruling served to cement the law in more permanently, via setting precedents.  The anti-ACA crowd is certainly got more of a legal mountain to climb than it did before.

Numerous pundits have stepped forward to declare that society has changed, and that's gotta be a huge blow to the old guard who could have sworn that they brought up their children properly, and yet these properly raised children of theirs are the ones who are more accepting of gays than the people who raised them.  And you thought just the ruling alone was a huge shock to the system all by itself. Even Mary Fallin said that gay Oklahomans are good Oklahomans, and she won office and re-election handily, primarily because the alternative would have been some Democarat. What a choice, huh.  Added to that are the number of people who are not registering as either Democrat or Republican in Oklahoma.  In a conservative state, what the heck is up with THAT? Is it the case that although the Republicans courted the Tea Party, the Tea Party still won't go Republican?  It's not like they're going to get easy ballot access if they don't.

America legalizes sin! goes the declaration...which is the same declaration that was made when the nation began curtailing its erstwhile widespread "blue laws", like prohibiting work on a Sunday, selling liquor on Sunday, the latter of which brought about an interesting phenomenon in, at least, the Commonwealth of Kentucky with its Wet County/Dry County arrangement.  This all brings up another major issue with Oklahoma's conservatives, and that's their claim to be pro-business.  A person who is pro-business will agree with today's big corporation position on Sunday work, Sunday alcoholic beverage selling--working even on Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas--and accommodating gays.  All that "evil" is good for big business and all conservatives love big business.  No?  Not anymore?  Really??

 The circus:

...translated into a Twitter meme....

Speaking of anti-business conservatives, there's this just in, this Wednesday:

Seriously, people--when you defend the Confederate flag, you're anti-big business.

THIS JUST IN: The S. Carolina Senate just voted 37 to 3 to remove the Confederate flag. Final vote is expected on Thursday.
FRIDAY: Flag comes down with more ceremony than it deserved.

Late Friday mini-UPDATE: Decided I was going to work on the Halloween episode of Punched Out Judy right now because tonight I just dug up the ghost of Rex Faulkner.  It's footage from the now-early-defunct KXOK-LPTV station in its glory days, and I just posted a mini memorial on YouTube just now. But there's more where that came from.

I should post a warning about that cited website--not only doe it not exist anymore, but it'll redirect you to the South Korea international broadcaster, The Mighty KBS, who apparently has command of that url.
Coverage map on the wall on the occasion of KXOK_LPTV's re-Grand Opening
Broadway Tower--Magoo's no longer exists.
The best shot of the souvenir object next was to lay it down on the table rather than stand it up...

It was obtained at the Grand Re-Opening event when the new owners from Ponca City took over, complete with a friendly visit from Enid Chamber of Commerce for the event.

One of their cameramen...

Where the mug came from...

Like I said, the Enid Chamber of Commerce was represented.  This representative is clearly joyful...

Ah, where is that joy NOW, hm, Enid?

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