Friday, April 03, 2015

First Good Friday in Enid

...when I get around to posting the videos.  Had a nice conversation with a supporter in the last election, too. With spray cans, one artist downtown brought back the 1980s fad of van painting, but it wasn't vans he was painting and he wasn't using auto laquer with an air brush--it was strictly spray can art.

In the meantime, think science with Easter Eggs.  I may dabble in the arts now and then, but, first and foremost, I am a woman of science.

12 Experiments with Eggs (BuzzFeed)

....and I'm sure by now you get the drift.  Enjoy.  For the record--in my humble opinion, EVERY Friday is a good one.

Mini-UPDATE: It's too late tonight to do much more than produce a teaser for Enid's first First Friday festivities for today. Watch this space.

Yup, that hot dog vendor is the one that provided the free dogs at Vanhooser's event. Bingo.

Now meet Enid's own Tom Boepple...

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